Employer Info

Please contact Cindy for your staffing needs! Or feel free to fill out an order and we will return your call immediately!

We offer a variety of temporary services in your search for employees:

    • Pre-screening of all candidates.
    • Temp-to-Career option
    • Anonymity during the pre-placement process
    • Placements for single shifts or long term
    • Secretarial/clerical/office automation testing
    • Placement of 1 to 150 Employees
    • Drug and criminal background screenings
    • Flexible fee option
    • Pre-placement interview results available
    • Educational background checks
    • Temps available during placement
    • Specialized candidate searches

Background Investigation Details for Employers

The Private Security Bureau of the Texas Department of Public Safety licenses G. Boren Services, License #C-10598. As such, G. Boren has access to records from Police Agencies, Sheriff's Departments, Departments of Public Safety, Federal, District and County Courts and many other agencies that Dot.com or other "Background Check" companies cannot access.

We will conduct any type of background investigation that is required for a particular position within your business.

A complete background check conducted by G. Boren Services, Inc. will cover these areas but are not limited to these areas:

We offer Drug Testing - Five Panel & 10-Panel Screens Offered with Immediate Response to Employer