Interview Questions Preparation

Introductory Questions

Introductory questions occur at the beginning of the interview and are broad and open-ended, such as:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself
  • What do you know about our company
  • What attracted you to this job ad?
  • If the job requires travel, an interviewer may ask: Do you have an updated passport?

Behavioral Questions

Behavioral questions require the interviewee to recount past experiences. Examples include:

What is your proudest achievement?
Give me an example of a time that you had to think outside the box.
Tell us about a time you had a difficulty with a coworker and how you resolved it.
What would your last employer say you need to improve on?
Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma on the job? How did you resolve it?
Have you ever had two deadlines at the same time? How did you deal with it?
What was the most frustrating experience you have had on the job?
Name an issue you and your boss disagreed on. How did you resolve it?
Tell us about a time when you went above and beyond expectations on the job.
What would you do differently in your last job?
Why did you choose your major?
What did you hate to do most in your last job?
Who has had the biggest impact on your career?
Tell me about the last time a co-worker got mad at you
Tell me about the toughest decision you had to make in the last 6 months
Tell me about the time you knew you were right but had to follow directions or guidelines
Tell me about the last time your workday ended before you were able to get everything done

Preferences and Opinions

Interviewers can gain insight into a candidate's professional personality by asking about preferences and opinions. Examples include:

Do you prefer to work independently or with a team?
Why are you leaving your current position?
Why do you want to work for our organization specifically?
What are your salary expectations?
Do you have any concerns about our organization?
What would be your soonest availability?
What's your definition of customer service?
How do you deal with having to make last-minute changes to a task?
What book are you reading right now?
What's something you are passionate about?
What do you miss most about your last job?
Why do you want this particular position?
Would you be willing to relocate?
What would be your top three goals for the first three months in this position?
Do you prefer a relaxed or professional work environment?
What does 'professionalism' mean to you?
Do you prefer working for smaller or larger companies?
What are the qualities of a good leader?
Who are your heroes?
How do you feel about working overtime?
If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be?


Self-evaluation questions require candidates to both sell themselves and be honest about their weaknesses at the same time. Examples include:

Why should we hire you?
Describe yourself in three words.
What is your personal mission statement?
Would you describe yourself as more of a 'big picture' person or 'detail oriented?
What are your processes for staying organized?
What personality types do you work best with?
What personality types do you clash with?
How would you handle a team project in which one member is not pulling his or her own weight?
What are your coping mechanisms for dealing with stress?
If you were assigned a task with an impossible deadline, how would you handle it?
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
What can you offer that sets you apart from the other candidates?