Job interview tips

Dress professionally

Avoid outrageous hairstyles or colors. Keep makeup and perfume to a minimum. Don't wear jeans, shorts, tank tops or anything too short or too long.

Be prepared

Make sure you have your job application, references, resume and a note pad and pen with you.

Be polite

Shake your interviewer's hand. Take a seat when invited to. Don't slouch or use slang.

Know your schedule

Know your class schedule as well as your sports schedule or any other activity you're involved in so you can tell the employer which hours you can work. Don't forget to think about transportation arrangements if you don't drive.

Be on time

Arrive a few minutes early for your interview.

Go by yourself

Go to the interview alone if you can. If you get a ride, ask the person to wait for you and not go into the interview with you.

Follow up

After the interview, send notes thanking the interviewers for their time.

Common interview questions

• How do you handle stress and pressure?
• What are your salary expectations?
• Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?
• Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it.
• What interests you about this job?
• What experiences do you have that will help you with this job?
• Why should we hire you?
• Why do you want to work here?
• What can you contribute to this company?
• What are your future goals?

Essential workplace skills

• Oral communication skills.
• Written communication skills.
• Listening skills.
• Reading and understanding non-technical and technical material.
• Math/computational skills.
• Problem-solving.
• Knowing how to learn.
• Decision-making.
• Reasoning/using logic.
• Responsibility/goal setting.
• Self-esteem.