Personnel Staffing

Temporary Staffing for Short-Term Assignments

  • Temporary Assignee is our employee.
  • You are only invoiced for hours the employee works.
  • We cover the cost for payroll processing including FICA, FUTA and Workers' Compensation Insurance.
  • We cover the cost for advertising, screening, interviewing and background checks.
  • Reasonable mark-up rates.
  • Administrative mark-up rates
  • Administrative staff, clerical staff
  • Light industrial operators
  • Professionals
  • Computer information specialists

Temporary to Hire

  • You may evaluate the employee for up to 500 hours before hire
  • Assignee is our employee until you hire
  • We cover paycheck processing, FICA, FUTA, Workers' Compensation Insurance, Advertising, Interviewing, and Screening
  • If you choose to hire the Assignee before 500 hours, you simply buyout the unused hours
  • Recruiting, Screening & Selection
  • Testing & Drug Screening
  • Criminal & Sex Offender Background Screening
  • Performance Evaluations

Career Placement

  • We will conduct a search to find candidates that match your job order descriptions
  • We cover advertising, pre-interviewing, background checks and character reference checks
  • We will submit applicant resumes and profiles to you for your review and consideration
  • You choose which applicants you wish to interview
  • We conduct hiring negotiations for you
  • Reasonable fee: 10% of the applicants first year salary
  • All Classifications
  • Per job order specification
  • Custom searches
  • Recruiting
  • Screening
  • Anonymity

Security Staffing

  • We are licensed by the State of Texas, License #C10598
  • We provide security staff personnel for monitoring any environment for safety and security
  • We provide security staff for long-term or temporary assignments
  • We provide security staff personnel for all shits and hours
  • We furnish security personnel for any event requiring special handling
  • Reasonable rates
  • Experienced staff monitoring for safety
  • Temporary or temp to hire staff
  • Long or short-term personnel
  • Parking monitoring